We are delighted that once again Keith Jones have agreed to organise a bookshop for both the 2018 Summer Convention. From the many titles they will have on offer, the ones below have been selected for their relevance top this years topics or because they are new popular titles that we know you would like. The special prices will only apply during convention  week.

"Why I Believe”  - Roger Carswell

Paperback RRP £5.99 Special Convention Price £2.99

This is a great little book that is packed full of big truths. As an evangelist Roger knows the big questions that people are asking about the Christian faith and he takes on 7 big topics but handles each in a way that is engaging and easy to read.  There is a particularly helpful chapter at the end for new Christians which helps them find their firm foundations on Jesus and the Bible.


“Invest your Disappointments”- Paul Mallard

Paperback £9.99 Published March 2018

Sometimes hopes are shattered and expectations fail to be realized leading to disillusionment and discouragement. Nobody can avoid disappointment - but what causes it and how do we avoid being paralyzed by it?  Understanding ourselves and the causes of our disappointments will give us perspective and courage. Grasping something of God's purpose will produce patience and hope. We can invest our disappointments in a healthy way so that they bear long   lasting fruit.


“God’s Discipline” - Tim Chester

Paperback RRP £6.99 Special Convention Price £6.00

This book shows ways God's hand moves in our lives and provides an encouraging message for times of difficulty. 'Encouragement' isn't usually the first word that comes to mind when we think about God's discipline, but that is how the writer of Hebrews describes it. Our Heavenly Father uses suffering to discipline His children, and uses it to shape us a little bit more into the image of His glorious Son.


9781910587409 (1)

“Hear my Heart” - Billy Graham     

Paperback £9.99 Published February 2018

Billy Graham has gone home but his lifelong message, his passion for the gospel, and his compassion still echo in this new book. This intimate work invites you to hear in his own words the things that made his heart beat faster. The biblical convictions he abided by. The reasons and regrets behind some of his decisions and the wisdom he gained in his ninety six plus years on this earth.


Imagine being offered one photograph that captured the essence of God—an image that revealed everything you need to know about everything that matters. And imagine if this picture of God would shock you… shake you… and change you forever.
Would you look at it?

Rico Tice takes readers to the cross in all its shock, inviting readers to see God as they have never seen him before.

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