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Issue No 12 (3rd Quarter 2018) of our Bournemouth & Poole Convention Newsletter is now available for you to download and enjoy.

It includes all you need to know about the morning and evening convention events that will be happening during the first week of July in Bournemouth. 



We are delighted that once again our colleagues at Keith Jones bookshop have agreed to organise book stalls for the 2018 Summer Convention Events.

From the many titles they will have on offer, five have been specially selected for you either because of relevance to the topics being covered or because they are new titles you may not be familiar with.  They will be available at the morning & evening events and some at special prices shown for convention attendees.

“Why I Believe”  - Roger Carswell

Paperback RRP £5.99 Special Convention Price £2.99

 This is a great little book that is packed full of big truths. As an evangelist Roger knows the big questions that people are asking about the Christian faith and he takes on 7 big topics but handles each in a way that is engaging and easy to read.  There is a particularly helpful chapter at the end for new Christians which helps them find their firm foundations on Jesus and the Bible.

“Invest your Disappointments”- Paul Mallard

Paperback £9.99 Published March 2018

Sometimes hopes are shattered and expectations fail to be realized leading to disillusionment and discouragement. Nobody can avoid disappointment - but what causes it and how do we avoid being paralyzed by it?  Understanding ourselves and the causes of our disappointments will give us perspective and courage. Grasping something of God's purpose will produce patience and hope. We can invest our disappointments in a healthy way so that they bear long lasting fruit.

“Unleash the Word” – Karen Soole
Paperback RRP £5.99 Special Convention Price £5.00

Here is a wise, encouraging call to take in God’s Word with others. Karen Soole not only convinces us that small–group Bible study must be done; she clearly explains how. Karen's aim is to give you a vision for your task, to help equip you to read God's word and finally to give you confidence to lead others in Bible study. She deals most helpfully with some of the problems that can loom large and prove daunting to many preparing to lead such studies. Her analysis of the problems we face is both sympathetic and wise, for hidden behind her easy-to-read style is a depth of theological knowledge which gives this book a solid biblical foundation

“Hear my Heart” - Billy Graham
Paperback £9.99 Published February 2018

Billy Graham has gone home but his lifelong message, his passion for the gospel, and his compassion still echo in this new book. This intimate work invites you to hear in his own words the things that made his heart beat faster. The biblical convictions he abided by. The reasons and regrets behind some of his decisions and the wisdom he gained in his ninety six plus years on this earth.

“God’s Discipline” - Tim Chester

Paperback RRP £6.99 Special Convention Price £6.00

This book shows ways God's hand moves in our lives and provides an encouraging message for times of difficulty. 'Encouragement' isn't usually the first word that comes to mind when we think about God's discipline, but that is how the writer of Hebrews describes it. Our Heavenly Father uses suffering to discipline His children, and uses it to shape us a little bit more into the image of His glorious Son.

“Dismissing discouragement before it dismisses you!”


This year the Bournemouth and Poole Convention is delighted to welcome Craig Dyer, Associate Pastor of Harper Church, Glasgow. During his twenty years pastoring there Craig’s involvement in “Christianity Explored” deepened, leading to his present role as their Training Director.

There will be two sessions and the opportunity for Questions, after which we shall enjoy lunch together.  

We hope that church leaders, their spouses, church workers, youth workers, community workers, women’s workers, lay Bible teachers, small group leaders, pastoral care team members and gospel workers will be able to include this morning in their diary. We are delighted to have such a gifted and experienced speaker at this Church Leaders' Seminar
It promises to be a great opportunity to meet and enjoy fellowship with other Bible teaching colleagues from around the area. The bookstall will be provided by Keith Jones Christian Bookshop.
Coffee and light buffet lunch will be provided. The cost is £10 per person. There is limited free parking on site and opportunities for local public car parks and on-street parking.

Issue No 11 (2nd Quarter 2018) of our Bournemouth & Poole Convention Newsletter is now available for you to download and enjoy.

It includes all you need to know about the morning and evening convention events that will be happening during the first week of July in Bournemouth. 

THE 2018 CONVENTION – It may seem strange to be thinking of the Summer in Bournemouth when the current winter climate brings single digit temperatures and shortened daylight hours. So while cossetted in the warmth of your home mark up your 2018 calendar with the all-important dates of the summer convention events.
The week you need to highlight is Monday 2nd July to Friday 6th July inclusive and the venues are once again the Citygate Centre in Holdenhurst Road for the evenings and Christ Church Westbourne for the mornings.
The structure of the convention week also remains unchanged with eleven events spread across the five days for adults, youth and church leaders. Full details will be announced over the coming months but we already have two excellent speakers confirmed in Craig Dyer and Daf Meirion-Jones and their topics are detailed below.

Craig Dyer graduated from the Irish Baptist College in Belfast in 1989 and became Pastor for Bellshill Baptist Church in North Lanarkshire. He subsequently became Pastor at Harper Memorial/Baptist Church south of the Clyde in the Govan area of Glasgow.
It was during his twenty years pastoring at Harper Memorial Church in Glasgow that Craig’s involvement in “Christianity Explored” deepened, leading to his present role as Training Director. His role is to provide evangelism training for churches around the world by developing a network of qualified trainers.
We look forward very much to hearing him speak at our five main evening convention presentations where he will speak from the book of 1 Peter under the banner heading “How to be Surprisingly Unsurprised”.  His individual topics are:-
Monday 2nd July “Welcome to your World” 1 Peter Chapter 4 (& Overview)
Tuesday 3rd July ‘Hopeful and holy’ 1 Peter Chapter 1
Wednesday 4th July ‘Healed by wounds’ 1 Peter Chapter 2-3
Thursday 5th July ‘Suffering and blessed’ 1 Peter Chapter 2-3
Friday 6th July ‘Humbled to be exalted’ 1 Peter Chapter 5
Daf Meirion-Jones is currently Senior Pastor of Chessington Evangelical Church (CEC) which is a large modern church in Surrey which own and run a community centre (The King’s Centre) as a way to serve the local area.
He became a Christian at university and after teaching geography for six years trained to become a Pastor. Despite his obviously Welsh sounding name Daf and his wife had in fact both originated from and had family roots in Surrey with Daf having grown up in Guildford.
We look forward very much to welcoming him to the 2018 Bournemouth & Poole Convention where he will speak at Westbourne from the book of Zephaniah. Under the banner heading of The Lord who Loves to Save” his three morning presentations will be Wednesday 4th “Be silent and listen” - Zephaniah 1, Thursday 5th “Gather and Seek” - Zephaniah 2 and Friday 6th  “Wait and Sing” - Zephaniah 3.

OTHER 2018 EVENTS- The Leaders Day will be on Tuesday 3rd July at Christ Church, Westbourne – details of the topic and speaker will be announced shortly.
The two Youth Evenings ably organised and led by our colleagues at “crossteach” will take place at the Citygate Centre on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th July. More details to follow.

Issue No 10 (ist Quarter 2018) of our Bournemouth & Poole Convention Newsletter is now available for you to download and enjoy.

It features a review of the Mens Convention held at Moordown in November, first information about the 2018 Summer Convention, new of a group trip to Westminster City Hall and a reminder of how to keep up to date with Convention happenings.     
If you were unable to attend the 2017 Men's Convention at Moordown you can now listen to the individual presentations by clicking on the links below.  
The theme for the day was “Ambassadors for Christ” presented by Rico Tice, Senior Minister (Evangelism) at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. 

Please click on each link (in blue) to hear the three sessions

Session 1:- Rico Tice -"Why should I talk about Jesus?" should I talk about Jesus.mp3

Session 2:- Rico Tice -"How should I talk about Jesus?" should I talk about Jesus.mp3

Session 3:- Rico Tice -"Practical help in talking about Jesus?" help in talking about Jesus.mp3

Issue No 9 (4th Qtr 2017) of our B & P Convention Newsletter is now available for you to download and enjoy. It contains more details of our Men's Convention which is fast approaching plus news of special book choices and the first infromation about next Summers Convention at Citygate.  
Issue No 8 of our B & P Convention Newsletter is now available for you to download and enjoy. It contains a picture gallery from the recent very well atended summer convention plus news of the Men Convention in four months time. 
The timetable for the Mens Convention at Moordown Baptist church on Saturday 11th November is now available to view on the Timetable page of the Mens Convention area 


Dr Tim Chester will address the subject “Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life and Ministry.  

Church leaders are always going to be busy people. But are you too busy? Too busy for family? Too busy to rest? Too busy to pray?

We will explore how we can manage our time well, but also how we can manage the pressures that drive us to overwork. And we’re explore have we can recover intimacy with God in the midst of busyness.
The four sessions will be:
1. Managing your time
2. Managing your heart
3. Communion with God
4. The means of communion

Issue 7 of our regular Convention Newsletters is now available for you to download and digest at your leisure. Please go to the Newsletter Page to download your copy.

This first issue of the year tells you all you need to know about the dates, times, speakers and topics for the two 2017 Conventions 
2017 Church Leaders Day - A Date for your Diary

For 2017 we are delighted that Dr Tim Chester has agreed to present to us on our popular Leaders Day at Christ Church Westbourne in addition to his evening talks at Citygate.

His chosen topic is “Intimacy with God in the busyness of life & ministry” and he is well versed with the topic having written the book “The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness” which was published in June 2008.

As in previous years this is relaxed workshop style meeting with   participation encouraged. All are welcome including church leaders, their spouses, church workers, lay Bible teachers, pastoral care team members, youth and small group leaders and gospel workers. 

It provides a great opportunity to meet and enjoy fellowship with other Bible teaching colleagues from around the area.  Refreshments and a light buffet lunch are provided.  We make a nominal charge of £10 per head towards costs.
You can read more about Tim on our speakers page.
The 2017 Men's Convention

Plans are already underway for the fourth Bournemouth Men's Convention to be held on Saturday the 11th November 2017 at Christ Church Westbourne.

We already have an excellent presenter booked and you will have the opportunity to hear Rico Tice the associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London.

Rico is well known in the UK as a speaker a evangelical Christian conferences and a evangelist of national standing.

More information will be released in mid 2017.

Issue 6 of our regular Convention Newsletters is now available for you to download and digest at your leisure.

This first issue of the year tells you all you need to know about the dates, times, speakers and topics for the two 2017 Conventions 

500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation

500 Years of Evangelical Reformation 1517-2017 

When Martin Luther posted his “Ninety-five Theses” on the church door in Wittenberg in 1517, no one expected the breadth of evangelical reforms in Christian teaching and practice that followed. In every dimension of Christian faith a renewed trust in God’s forgiving mercy replaced a reliance on teachings and practices that, like the sale of indulgences, were vulnerable to abuse and corruption. 
"I have the comfortable certainty that I please God, not by reason of the merit of my works, but by reason of His merciful favour promised to me; so that, if I work too little, or badly, He does not impute it to me, but with fatherly compassion pardons me and makes me better. This is the glorying of all the saints in their God” - Martin Luther (1517)

Preaching a few years later, Luther said, “I opposed indulgences ... but never with force. I simply taught, preached, and wrote God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing. I did nothing; the Word did everything.” When he began to propose reforms in worship, he wrote similar words. “This is the sum of the matter: let everything be done so that the Word may have free course.” 

Nearly 500 years later, the results of this evangelical confidence in God’s forgiving and liberating Word are evident today in Christian communities of all types. 

A very Happy Christmas to all Bournemouth & Poole Convention goers from the organising committee.  Thanks for you support in 2016 and we look forward to seeing you all again hopefully alongside newcomers in July 2017

Witness at Westbourne. Saturday the 19th of November saw almost one hundred men from the local conurbation gather together for the third annual Bournemouth & Poole Men’s Convention. Under the banner heading of “Men of the Word” delegates heard four presentations from speakers Mike Cain and Jonny Pearse plus sung worship led by Phil Downes and his talented musicians.
Countdown to the 2016 Men’s Convention.
The third, Bournemouth & Poole,  one day,  Men’s Convention takes place on Saturday the 19th of November at Christ Church, Westbourne .
Under the banner heading “Men of the Word” with ample opportunities for any questions and discussion.  Coffee is from  9.30 am and session one is scheduled to start at approximately 10.00am.   The four sessions include: 
The Word that brings life– Psalm 119
The Word that brings blessing – Revelation 1
The Word that brings certainty – Luke 1
The Word that brings comfort– Psalm 119
The inspiring & informative Bible teaching, enjoyable fellowship, uplifting worship and manly banter will, as it was last year, be enjoyed by all the delegates.  Cost is £10 to include all refreshents and a light sandwich lunch.  

Issue 5 of our regular Convention Newsletter is now available for you to download and digest at your leisure.

This issue tells you all you need to know about the Mens Convention in November and has a picture gallery of photos taken at the recent Summer Convention. 
Summer Convention 2017

We hope that you will be able to join us next summer for the next annual Bournemouth & Poole Convention from 3rd - 7th July 2017

* Evenings with Tim ChesterTim is a pastor at Grace Church, Boroughbridge, UK, a tutor with the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy, and is the author of over 30 books. He has a PhD in theology and was previously Research and Policy Director for Tearfund UK. He has been an adjunct lecturer in missiology and reformed spirituality. Tim is married to Helen and has two daughters.

“Rediscovered Joy: Exploring the Power of the Reformation in Galatians”

1. How to hear God’s voice – Galatians 1 (Reformation link: Scripture alone)
2. How to win God’s approval – Galatians 2 (Reformation link: justification by faith alone through Christ alone)
3. How to recognise God’s people – Galatians 3 & 4:21-31 (Reformation link: the marks of a true church)
4. How to enjoy God’s love – Galatians 4 (Reformation link: the work of the Spirit)
5. How to do God’s will – Galatians 5-6 (Reformation link: gospel living)

* Mornings (5 – 7 July) Alasdair Paine, Vicar, St Andrew the Great, Cambridge
* Tuesday 4th JulyChurch Leaders’ Day at Christ Church Westbourne

Leaders Day - More Information - Have you booked yet?

We have more details now of the individual topics that Jonathan Berry will cover during the Leader’s Day on Tuesday 5th July.
Jonathan is presenting on behalf of the the True Freedom Trust (TfT) who are a UK-wide teaching and pastoral support ministry for churches and individuals dealing with issues of same-sex attraction. TfT holds to the orthodox view on sex and relationships and strives to provide a ministry of grace and truth.
Under the banner heading “Supporting People Struggling with Same-Sex attraction - Ministering Grace and Truth” his four sessions are as follows:-
1. Confidence in the gospel in a gay-affirming world 
2. Preaching the sexual ethics of Jesus with grace and truth
3. Providing meaningful pastoral care to same-sex attracted Christians
4. Ministering authentic gospel hope - in and outside the church
Don’t forget this day is open to anyone involved in leadership, not just Pastors, but group or youth leaders whether in training or service.

Important new issue of our Newsletter now available for download

This is the one you need to read with all the details of the Summer Convention which is now less than one month away.
Cross check your diaries and planners to be sure you don't miss out on these excellent presentations.
Mix and match evenings and mornings with something for all ages.

See you there ! 

Books at the 2016 Convention

Once you have heard the speakers you are sure to be thirsty for more of insights into God’s Word and Christian Life.

Once again our colleagues at Keith Jones have agreed to provide at bookstall at all our events with a hand picked selection of the latest titles and CD’s. 

On the Convention Books tab on the Home page of this site we have featured five of the titles from Jonathan Lamb, Simon Manchester and Jonathan Berry all at special B & P Convention prices just for that week.  
Click here to go straight to that page. 
Youth Events – more info on this year’s programme.

Based on the success we had last year with our Crossteach administered Youth Event we have extended the programme to run on consecutive evenings – Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th July alongside the adult meetings.

Once again the Youth sessions will combine some Worship Time with presentations plus interactive work in groups. Refreshments are provided.

This year the lead presenter will be Wayne Harris, Crossteach’s National Director based in Warwickshire. He will be supported by Andi Norton who is a Schools Worker with the PACE Christian organisation based in Bournemouth and Poole. 

In 2016 the programme will link with the theme of the main adult convention and examine “Godliness from Head to Toe”.

The Wednesday 6th session will cover - “God working in you”
Mind, Heart and Knees.

Ø Mind - cultivating a Christian worldview in a confused world

Ø Heart - a life devoted to the glory of God in a world obsessed with 'self'

Ø Knees - depending on the grace of God in a world where sin has no meaning

Content: What it means to be a Christian, Understanding what Jesus had done for us, Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual disciplines, Confession and repentance

The Thursday 7th session will cover–“God working through you”  Lips, Hands and Feet

Ø Lips - speaking truth into a world of lies
Ø Hands - doing the work of God in a godless world
Ø Feet - choosing the way of wisdom in a world of fools

Content: Ambassadors with a message, Fruit of the Spirit, Self-control, Loving God and others, Eternal perspective, The source of wisdom

Don’t miss out on these two excellent meetings right in the centre of Bournemouth. Come as a church or youth group or just with your folks as they attend the main hall meeting.