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Preliminary Information - "LEADERS DAY SEMINAR"                                  Adrian Reynolds - "THE MINISTRY GRID" – “Training Made Simple.

For our Leaders Day Seminar in 2019 on Tuesday 2nd July we are delighted that Adrian Reynolds the Training Director for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches has agreed to share his experience of establishing leadership training in a ‘local” church.

Church leadership is a colossal responsibility. There are so many initiatives, people and problems that jostle for the limited resources available. When tough decisions need to be made it can be easier to consign training to the list of things to jettison.

Adrian Reynolds argues that training isn’t just important, but that it is actually a biblical mandate essential to the goal of becoming more like Jesus. With “The Grid” he provides an easy-to-use practical tool that will help you to think through where your church is currently at, where you need to get to, and how you’ll get there.

There will be three sessions and the opportunity for Questions, after which we shall enjoy a buffet lunch together.
"Maintaining Spiritual Reality"- Information re July 2019

We can now disclose more information about the evening sessions at the Bournemouth Citygate Centre in July 2019.

As previously announced Dr Charles Price is returning to our south coast convention and his subject matter this time is drawn from the Old Testament and from 1 Samuel.  Under the banner heading of "Maintaining Spiritual Reality".

Charles will be looking at events from the lives of Eli, Samuel, Saul and David, with practical lessons about sliding from a wholesome relationship with God, and the antidote to that. His topic looks at the relevancy of Israel's transition from a theocracy to a monarchy, and the revelation of God through these changes.

Charles wants to make sure Christians are still "plugged into the power!" For those who want to revitalize their spiritual life, these talks will break new ground to empower the lives that are led in the presence of God. He uncovers spiritual principles from stories in the books of Samuel.  He will set out to teach us to hear God's voice and experience Him in our daily lives and circumstances.

So, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to hear him again and make sure you leave that first week of July clear in your diaries and plans.

You can read more about Dr Charles Price on our speaker’s page on this site.

Issue No 13 (1st Quarter 2019) of our Bournemouth & Poole Convention Newsletter is now available for you to download, read or print out and enjoy.
This new issue includes the first information about the 2019 summer convention evening meetings plus a review of our new look website which is already available online and a pictorial review of last year’s summer convention that was so well attended and received.

Keep watching out for further issues as more information becomes available about all the events during convention week.

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